4 Reasons To Switch to Pure Speed Today

Stop putting up with extended outages, slow website loading times, and impersonal technical support. You deserve better.
  • 30-Day Guarantee A real guarantee, with no complicated clauses. Try the service out and if you don't love it, we'll refund your entire month.
  • We'll do the work Let us move your website for you, for FREE. Just let us know which website you want moved, and one of our techs will handle all of the work for you.
  • Custom Speed Evaluation Once you've moved a website over, one of our techs will personally review your website performance. They will tune anything they can reasonably change, and provide you with a list of suggestions to get even better speed.
  • Instant Setup We'll spin your account up for you right away, so you can get started NOW. There's no reason to put it off and risk another big outage with your current provider.

Pure Speed is Different
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There is NO RISK to you:
  • FREE website move
  •    FREE speed tuning
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • We do the work
  • Maximum site speed
  • Real help from real people!

Why Are We So Fast?

We started out with speed as our goal.
  • All SSD drives for blazing read/write speed
  • More resources per account
  • Manual performance tuning of server
  • No overloaded servers
  • Constant speed monitoring
  • We buy the latest hardware

Our Partners Helping us offer the perfect platform

You Want Uptime? Here's how we keep your website running:

Low Fail Components

Besides being extremely fast, SSD hard drives have NO moving parts. That means they fail at a much lower rate than traditional drives.

When drives don't fail, they don't take your site down. That's one of many reasons Pure Speed hosting uses ONLY SSD hard drives.

Low Server Loading

Unfortunately, hosting more clients isn't always as easy at upping the power of your server.

We keep the number of clients per server low, even though it costs us more in licensing and management, because it reduces the number of problems that YOU will encounter.

Real Cloud Features

Everyone is throwing around the term "cloud computing" these days, but most of them aren't walking the walk.

If we need to service any hardware on your server, we will seamlessly move you to another machine in the cloud BEFORE we take the server down. You'll never even see a blip.

Full Server Redundancy

In case the worst should happen and a server crashes, we have a backup server plugged in and waiting to go.

We can switch all the clients on a server over in under a minute, with no intervention needed by you.

Our Rock Solid Foundation

Our servers run in an N+2 military class, Tier 3 Facility

There's no sense trying to provide solid uptime for clients if you don't start on solid ground. That's why we only host our servers in fully redundant, top tier data centers.

The facility is entirely N+2 redundant, with each computer room with its own Dual Backup Generators, Dual-Feed Internet and Redundant Network. In addition, there are over 200 security cameras, physical security personnel on site, biometric- and keycard-controlled access, and full fire surpression systems.

A few stats

  • 8 x 40 Ton Cooling Units
  • 16 x Backup Generators
  • 16 x UPS Systems
  • 24x7 Physical Guarded Security
  • Biometric Security Controls
  • 2 x Utility Feeds
  • Fire Suppression System

Here's what's included when you switch your site

  • 30-day Guarantee

    We guarantee you'll love our service. The risk is on us.

  • Free Site Move

    We'll do all the work to get your site moved over and working perfectly.

  • Free Speed Eval

    An expert will review your site performance and tune plus make suggestions.

  • Blazing Fast Hardware

    Latest CPUs, tons of memory, and ALL SSD drives means max speed for you.

  • Redundant Failover Servers

    You won't find this elsewhere - a spare server waiting to take over in case anything goes wrong.

  • Military Grade Data Center

    Redundant everything means the infrastructure never takes your site offline.

  • Fast, Friendly Support

    Our support team is here to help you, period. You will never feel like your questions are unwanted.

  • Instant Setup

    Your account will be set up and ready to go right away. No waiting and no delay.

  • Easy Software You Know

    We have CPanel, Wordpress, and all the software you're familiar with, easily installed with a click.