About PureSpeed

  • Our Story

    We’ve been involved in the Internet space for well over a decade. During that time, we’ve learned many things about what works and what doesn’t.

    One of the things we’ve grown to consider essential is speed. Web performance has been a defining factor in the success and failure of some of our previous business endeavors.

    After being present in the web hosting industry for a number of years, we decided to focus our next hosting venture on high web performance. Not only because we have the perfect mix of experience and innovative spirit in our team, but because we strongly believe that online business that does not pay attention to web performance will not survive the present decade.

  • Our Vision

    PureSpeed’s mission is to provide small businesses and individual webmasters with performance-focused hosting that they can trust.

    The kind of service we offer has traditionally only been available to big companies with deep pockets.

    We are in this game to change it for the better. We want every website owner out there to be able to host their site in a highly-redundant, super-fast platform.

    Speed is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. PureSpeedHosting is here to make it happen.

“All things being equal, a faster site will rank higher than a slower site”Matt Cutts, Head of Search Engine Quality at Google

What Makes Us Different?

Just hosting your site in PureSpeed’s platform, assuming no further optimizations are made, will already result in a noticeable increase in your site’s performance. Our servers are tuned up to be several times faster than regular shared hosting servers.